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Vee john baptiste

transformation coach / Psychotherapist

psych dip, ma

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Mindful Movement in Motion

A six week Creative workshop which takes you through a journey of personal transformation, using film, words and creative imagination to facilitate mindful observation, reflection and newly considered actions.

What Are the 3 Strategies Used

When engaging with the Mindful Movement in Motion workshop, you will be integrating the following three broad strategies in your self-processing sessions:

- Film – As a medium that elicits emotion within even the casual viewer, the workshop employs film to relate present and real-life experiences of the individual to common themes and archetypes within cinema.

- Creative Imagination – Navigating the world today without your innate creativity leads to drudgery and helplessness. The workshop promotes and uses this tool to encourage individual expression and reflection.

- Observation – One of the keys in shifting perspective; observation is used as a means towards collective and personal reflection.

See below for the topics covered.


exploration into feeling

let down, overlooked, oppressed and powerless.


As we begin the journey to building something, we reconnect with inate gifts and talents, igniting a desire to master and refine what we already have.


We are not alone. An exploration of the support available from family, friends and community. Support which encourages us to keep going… we identify our team


We take a look at how we can utilise our support and all of the re found abilities we thought were lacking for the purpose of meeting upcoming challenges. Courage, intellect and heart are bought into focus.

Pride,Honour and Credit

exploring how anything is possible with perseverance, endurance, humility and heart,

Multipointed Star

What Participants Say

"Such a level of insight reached in a short time, knowledgable, exceeded expectations, relaxing, interesting range of interpretations, supportive, compassionate, challenging and encouraging"

"The creative task gave me a vision of where I'd like to be in the future. A brilliant workshop. Can't recommend it enough. I loved her friendly, supportive, insightful approach. Thank you!"

Jane Doe

"Inspirational, depth, powerful. I can't believe I identified with Rocky, bought me to tears"